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Curt’s Guest Author Visits

inspire and entertain!

Perfect for classrooms, small-group school assemblies, library programs, parents’ nights, PTO/PTA events, writers’ conferences, and more!

“…an innate ability to capture students’ engagement…very inspiring.” –Mr. P., K-5 Principal

Half-day Guest Author Visit: Four 40-minute sessions ($320)

Choose either (or talk to Curt about a combination of both):


Four 40-minute sessions: Presentations include things such as an interactive guitar song, Curt’s writing journey, tips for student writing, a reading from one of Curt’s books, discussion of literary techniques, time for questions.


Four 40-minute sessions: Hands-on writing experience for students—includes discussion of being a writer, at least one writing activity with literary discussion, student practice, and real-time author feedback on student work.

Full-day Guest Author Visit: Eight 40-minute sessions ($580)

Get BOTH the AUTHOR PRESENTATION and WRITERS’ WORKSHOP (four 40-minute sessions of each, or a combination that equals eight sessions).

Or DOUBLE up on one or the other (a total of eight 40-minute sessions of either).

Copies of Curt’s books (Curt’s choice) will be sent upon visit confirmation to explore with your students/organization in advance (3 books for each half-day ordered)!

Combine schools in a district! Ask about special pricing!

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Allow for a five-minute break between all sessions, 20 minutes for lunch during a Full-day visit.

Presentation equipment (i.e., SMART Board or projector) provided by the school will enhance the presentation.

Optimal group size is 60 or fewer for AUTHOR PRESENTATION, and 30 or fewer for WRITERS’ WORKSHOP, but larger groups can possibly be accommodated. Please contact Curt in advance regarding such needs.

If accommodations are needed to address specific student needs, or if you have other timing needs or requests, again, please contact Curt in advance.

Parent night/Library visits! A great way to engage families! Curt reads from one of his books, plays some sing-along songs, and talks about writing! 40-minute presentation, signed book sales following.

Cost: Travel expenses from West Bend, WI (call for specifics).

Curt and environmentalist Tia Nelson presenting (virtually) on Earth Day
at the namesake school of her father Gaylord Nelson, founder of Earth Day.

Curt also does Earth Day/environment and virtual presentations! Contact Curt for more information!